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TOWER DIRECT works closely with the customer organization from the beginning of each project, building confidence in the commitment to the project success.

Hallmark of Quality

Every step is managed by strict process verification and site verification of performance quality confirms the excellence of the work.

Lemcon Philippines Inc.


Incorporation of Lemcon Philippines Inc.

Providing services in Asia Pacific since 1997, Lemcon started work in the Philippines in 1999. The company started by providing civil engineering expertise to the vendors delivering mobile networks throughout all Asia. Its business quickly evolved to project management as costs become more important in delivery

The company started life providing project management services to the largest telecom equipment vendor in the Philippines. The hallmark of Lemcon was that less people were involved in projects that consistently delivered ahead of schedule and under budget.


Provide services direct to mobile and data network operators

In an evolving business environment, operators are looking to directly engage the site services experts and Lemcon is the leading project management services company in the Philippines. Excelling in project delivery and accuracy, Lemcon is the first stop for proponents and developers that deploy networks.

Turnkey design, build and maintain solutions are becoming more important to the owners of telecommunications networks because they reduce size of the initial investment while keeping operating costs to a minimum. Lemcon Philippines’ is based in the Philippines with the skills and resources to deliver solutions nationwide.


Network warehouse services

Warehouse inventory tracking gives real time information to the equipment owner. Movements, aging and accuracy all relayed in weekly report ensuring detailed information needed for inventory planning. On site assembly allows kitting of hardware packages from multiple supplier to one set of equipment sent to the site. Quality control checks at receiving allows early identification of hardware and software issues saving vital time by avoiding delivery of faulty systems to the network.

Lemcon Philippines provide facilities in Luzon and Visayas that ensure network equipment and accessories are available on-demand by the various agents of the mobile operator. Goods are available earlier because of on-site testing and verification. Because telecommunications engineers are involved in the whole process, delivery errors are eliminated and site are built faster.


National Services Model

Lemcon Philippines committed to its strategy to provide nationwide services and started to base teams at its branch offices in Cebu and Davao. Since 2015 Lemcon have supported full services in more than 70 provinces in the Philippines. New branches are slated for IIoilo City and Tuguegarao to further support the growing business in Visayas and north Luzon.

The Philippines spreads over more than 7,000 islands. A full service cannot be supplied to the Filipinos without a national presence.  Lemcon has responded in a positive way by investing in facilities and relationships through all regions and most provinces. This allows fast and local responses to customer issues and grows the trust Lemcon is building with the customers and the community.

Likusasa Holdings Limited


Incorporation of Likusasa Holdings Limited in South Africa

Specialized in support for greenfield industrial projects developing key competences in project management . Provided services to Nokia in Likusasa's first telecommunications engagement. The early projects included electricity distribution networks - experience in pylons and steel supporting structures.

Likusasa Holdings evolved from the Kentz group; an organization with a long history of successful infrastructure projects on the African continent. The disciplines from these early engagements have been the foundation of steady growth in size and reputation.


First cooperation between Likusasa and Lemcon

Lemcon and Likusasa started working together on projects in the telecommunications industry. Likusasa committed to mobile networks as a primary source of business and invested in developing its own capabilities. This led to the growth of Likusasa involvement in network development in Africa as it ventured to more and more countries. Now Likusasa is know as major technical supporter of network implementation in many African countries.

Lemcon and Likusasa have developed both as partners and as individual organizations. Lemcon grew from strength to strength in Asia while Likusasa grew its reputation in Africa. The companies still work closely on projects around the world and now combine to support TOWER DIRECT.


Developed capabilities in Tower Construction

As mobile networks began and expanded in Africa, building network base station sites became a priority. Likusasa developed its capability to build these sites and to deploy self supporting towers. Over the years Likusasa has become a regional leader in Tower deployment and has become expert in designing and building these structures in disparate environments. Increasing dominance of independent tower companies led to the development of expertise audit and site design capabilities. Likusasa has developed procedures to optimize the approach to design of existing towers for greater load and capacity.

Experience gained through building towers in challenging and varied environments has made Likusasa a leader in the industry. Understanding the business means that solutions to tower design and upgrading are economical and present the best solutions to the client.


Design and building datacenters

With the development of communications in Africa the demand for fiber optic networks and data centers has grown. Likusasa has developed expertise in design and building Data Center facilities.

The business of call centers places a high demand on extremely fast broadband. The Philippines is facing the need to build many call centers and data centers nationwide and this expertise will be vital.