Tower Rehabilitation Services


Verify all elements present

Bolts torqued

Corrosion identification

Foundation appraisal

Tower verticality check

Map of equipment on Tower


Structural element mapping

Structural design software

Model the tower and foundation

No load stress report

Existing load stress report

Future load stress report


Review design and load conditions

Develop an upgrade solution

Modelled in on design software

Detailed drawings

Foundation check

Foundation Drawings


Decommission old equipment

Repair faulty members

Replace missing elements

Tower structure upgrade

Foundation upgrade

Tower replacement

Site Services

Radio Network Planning

Site Acquisition

Tower Design

Tower Build

Civil Engineering


Central NOC

Site Services

TOWER DIRECT supports the deployment and repair towers all over the Philippines. With ten years’ experience through Likusasa, TOWER DIRECT can build tower sites in a region to meet the required coverage and capacity needs of a Mobile or Data Services Operator.

National Maintenance