Combining the strengths of industry leaders to provide solutions that apply in the Philippines.

Implementation Work

Rehabilitation of sites and infrastructure to extend both the life and the capacity of the facilities. Building the equipment rooms and power systems to support the new capabilities.


Offering structural design, construction and civil engineering support, Lemcon-Likusasa builds and renovates telecom infrastructure.


The delivery of services combines the local expertise of Lemcon Philippines with the international experience of Likusasa in tower and site construction.

The Team

Work is performed by in-house teams delivering designs, site assessments and construction work.

Our Services

Complete end-to-end services from permitting through design and the construction and the integration of the facilities to the network







Different Locations

Services available in urban and rural locations all over the Philippines.

Confidence in Expertise

For the last 20 years, Lemcon Philippines and Likusasa have developed their own reputations as leaders on deployment of telecommunications projects. Lemcon's long history in the Philippines and Likusasa's experience on Tower Deployment are now presented together in the Philippines. This partnership delivers mission critical deployments using the latest technologies in Tower design and construction.


Likusasa has constructed, project managed and supervised the implementation of over 5,000 site builds together with complete power systems in 25 countries in Africa and the Middle East in the last 20 years


Lemcon has provided training and competence development to vendors and operators for over 10 years. Its own staff in the Philippines undergo continuous improvement training to ensure that they are the best in the industry.

Deploying Technology

Project management and delivery of telecom projects in the Philippines since 2000. Lemcon Philippines Inc was incorporated in 2000 and has its Headquarters at Taguig, Metro Manila, with warehouses in San Pedro, Laguna, and in Cebu. The regional offices are in Cebu and Davao.

Experts at Work

Solution to deliver a national program in the Philippines to build towers and strengthen the existing tower infrastructure using Philippine resources supported by international expertise.


Lemcon Philippines Inc was incorporated in 2000 and has its Headquarters at Taguig, Metro Manila, with warehouses in San Pedro, Laguna, and in Cebu. The regional offices are in Cebu and Davao.

Quality at every Step

Building towers to exacting standards confirmed by strong inspection and quality control. The Lemcon TRACKER tracks progress and the quality of the works supported by the quality reports generated for the project.

Central NOC

At the HQ in Taguig, Philippines, the Network Operations Center (NOC) provides remote support to all activities nationwide. Staffed by experienced engineers, the NOC coordinates activities across more than 70 provinces in the Philippines.

Communications Towers and Sites

Building infrastructure for modern networks

Our Team of Engineers

Our professional engineering team are ready to discuss finer details as per client requirements and deliver them on time and within budget.

Meticulous Planning

Our experienced Design Team will make sure that your expectations are translated to the final agreed designs and executed as per Best Practices and Standards.

Systematic Implementation

Drawing on years of technical implementation experience, we follow industry standard step by step process to successfully execute plans to meet customer expectations.